Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was asking Michael where we should go out to dinner on our date and Jessa pipes in, "The Olaf Garden."  Yes, she is obsessed with Olaf because he is so funny.  Love that girl!

Michael leaned over and whispered to me in the middle of church while I was holding Kellan on my lap.  Kellan then literally leaned over and whispered baby gibberish back to Michael.  It was so funny we had a hard time not making a scene.

I was watching a cooking show with Jayla where the chef was a man.  She said, "Where is the mom?  She better get in there and start helping.  Well...I guess he's doing an ok job."  I guess you can tell who usually does the cooking around here.  It was so cute.

Love those kids!  They make this life beautiful!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We love how these three love each other.  They are always following each other around.  They love playing together and it is fun seeing them do sweet things for each other.  We kinda like them.  A LOT.

Easter Egg Hunt

Kristen's mom wanted to throw the kids an early Easter Egg Hunt.  They of course loved it!  It was a great warm day to have it done and even Kellan got into it.  He found a few candy bars and then handed them over to the girls.

Screaming at the candy because he was sooo excited.

Kellan's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Kellan's birthday last week.  We can't believe that he is 1 already!  It ahs been a great year!  The year has gone by so fast and we made sure to enjoy every moment of it.  We are sad that Kellan is no longer a baby, but we look forward to seeing his little personality start to come out more and more as he gets older. Jayla was so sweet.  She was so excited to decorate for Kellan's birthday.  She did a great job and Kellan was pretty excited to rip everything down. When I told Jayla that she did a great job she said, "I know.  I think Kellan will like it."

Kellan's birthmom and birthgrandparents came to celebrate his birthday with us.  It was great having them come.

They gave him this basketball hoop.  He was so excited he kept running around screaming.  It was really funny.  We have had a lot of fun practicing with him ever since.

Kellan also loved his cars.  He started making "car" sounds and driving them around the carpet.  It was so funny that he knew just what to do without anyone teaching him how to make car noises.

He didn't really know what to think about the cake.  His sisters helped him blow out the candle.

When we first put him down he kicked the smoke stack right off the cake, but then he just dug at it little by little.  He didn't get too messy, but we are pretty sure that he enjoyed his birthday.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pictures of the Week

Kellan is getting so big.  He loves daddy's basketball and particularly gets really interested when Michael dribbles it around the house and Kellan tries to copy him.  He loves balls of any size and they can always make him happy.  Lately Kellan has been giving some really great hugs.  He even hugged a little kid in church and started patting his back.  It was really cute.  But when Kellan is upset you always know it because when you try to give him something to make him happy he just throws it as hard as he can and continues to cry.

Let the March Madness begin.  Michael was loving that the girls wanted to watch all the games with him.

I love sleeping baby pictures.  Kellan has finally figured out how to stay under his blanket.

The girls wanted to watch Baby Signing Time with Kellan.  Not sure who loved it more,  Kellan or the girls.

Getting ready for Kellan's 6th hair cute in his first year of life.  His hair grows so fast.  The down side is that he is really starting to not like his hair cuts. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kellan's Adoption Story


We finalized all our adoption paperwork for a third time when Jessa turned 1 year old.  We wanted so much to bring another little one into our home. We signed up once again with LDS Family Services and spent a lot of time perfecting our profile, which would be presented to expectant mothers.  Over the next 2 1/2 years we spoke with over 30 young women who were contemplating adoption for their baby.  We also flew to Ohio to adopt a little girl where our hearts were broken when we were not able to take her home due to some unforeseeable reasons.  The months following were very difficult and we started to strongly consider changing to a different agency, but our caseworker convinced us to stick it out just a little bit longer.  She helped us change a few things in our profile and gave us renewed hope.

A few months later we recieved an email from an expectant mom in Utah.  She said that she was strongly considering us and she wanted to take our profile down and put it on "Firm Hold" until she made her decision.  Later that week we got a call from my good friend from high school who also had an active profile with our same agency.  She told me a crazy story. She said she was contacted by a girl named Kieran, but because they were now pregnant they had decided to give our email address to her instead.  Kieran was surprised to find our names in the email and then explained to my friend that she had been trying to contact us, but she couldn't find our profile anymore.  Kieran decided to email us anyway and we started getting to know each other through email and Skype.  It was fun to see how similar we were and for them to allow us a glimpse into their lives during this very difficult time.  Over the next couple of weeks we found out that she was also emailing 10 other couples and we explained to her that we were still being considered by another expectant mother in Utah, but we both decided to continue to get to know one another.  Another week went by and we had started to feel a deep connection with Kieran and her family.  We were amazed by Kieran's strength and faith in knowing that this is what she felt was best for her and her baby.  

At the end of the week we found out that Kieran wanted to choose us to raise her child.  It was so surreal and we were cautiously excited, but because we were on "'Firm Hold" with the young woman in Utah, who was still considering us, we wanted to make sure that this was what was right.  For the next day we put a lot of thought and prayer into trying to make the right decision.  Ultimately, we had a very personal and a very spiritual experience where we knew that the right choice was to adopt this precious baby boy.  We told Kieran that we were thrilled that she had chosen us and they were happy that we also felt like this was the right decision.  Once again we were amazed by Kieran's strength and selflessness.  We then continued to get to know each other and made plans to meet a month before the birth of her son.


We met at a park for the first time.  It was like meeting old friends and we had fun meeting them in person.  We said our goodbyes and we continued to keep in touch with them through email and Skype.  We then got "the call" from Shauna, Kieran's mom, telling us that Kieran would have her baby that day.  So we started packing like crazy people and we looked for flights, but there weren't any flights until later that evening, so we decided to drive.  We all jumped in the car and we were making really good time until Michael got pulled over when we were about 2 hours away.  Right after the cop issued us a speeding ticket, Aaron, Kieran's dad, texted us telling us that Kellan had been born and that both he and Kieran were doing well.  The next 2 hours seemed to drag on and on.  We finally made it to the hospital and Kieran exclaimed as we walked through the door, "Finally, you guys are here," as she handed Kellan over to me to hold for the first time.  Each of us took a few minutes to hold that sweet little baby boy before giving him back to Kieran.  We talked and laughed for a little bit longer and then we left to let Kieran rest and snuggle with baby Kellan.

Over the next 5 days we went to visit Kieran, her family, and baby Kellan in their home.  We really got to know them and we became really good friends.  Even though it was very difficult to leave each night with empty arms we are so grateful that we got this extra time with Kieran and her family so that we could show them how much we love her and her son.

We will never forget that cold Monday morning in that church building on placement day.  After we all signed our paperwork we gathered together, had a prayer, and Kieran placed baby Kellan in our arms.  We had gotten to love and care for Kieran and her family.  Even though it was very difficult to see how hard this was for them we were excited beyond belief.  Our hearts ached for them.  Through the tears we hugged each other tight and before they left we promised to see them every day that week until we were cleared to go home. Michael and I then took turns holding our son for the first time as his Mom and Dad.  Those are the moments you never forget.  We are so grateful for Kieran and her family.  We know that it wasn't a coincidence that we all found each other. Kieran will forever be loved for the opportunity she gave us to be Kellan's parents.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jessa and Jayla Funnies

  • I told Jessa to go cleanup the mess in the hallway.  She comes and gives me a hug and says, "Mom, you are the best mom.  What's a hallway?"

  • Jessa has a "running in church" problem.  So, Michael told her she had to fold her arms and walk quietly until they get out of the building after church then she is allowed to run.  As soon as we got outside she unfolds her arms and as she's running away she yells "see ya, suckers!"
  • I was singing opera style to the kids songs ...and this is what I heard in the background
           Jessa: "Aye yai yai!"
           Mom:"What!? you don't like my singing?"
           Jessa: "No. I like daddy's"
           Mom: "Kellan likes it."
            Jessa: "No he doesn't.  He plugged his ears."

  • In the middle of church Jessa started rummaging through the diaper bag and next thing I knew she had unwrapped a tampon and asked in a non-whispery voice, "Mom, is this yours...that you use in the bathroom?"
  • Michael ordered 2 extra T.V. remotes because the kids keep losing the ones that we have.  When I was opening the package Jessa was watching me and as soon as I was done she picks up one of the remotes and says, "This one is mine."
  • Jessa:"Pigs poop out bacon.  What do cows poop out?"
  • We were at Grandma Walpole's house.  Grandma gave Jayla a piece of bacon and she wanted more.  
       Jayla: Can I have some more bacon?
       Grandma: Sorry, it's all gone, did you want some more?
       Jayla: What?! Everyone wants more bacon, cook some more!"
  • Leprechauns visited Jayla's classroom and she was telling me about it.  She told me, "mom, this is really bad I don't know if I should tell you this, but they peed green pee in the toilet."
  •  Jayla:"Mom! Can I help you sew?  I promise I won't be slow like a snail or a turtle."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Big Boy and His Brush

One of Kellan's favorite toys lately has been my brush.  You can tell that he lives in a house full of girls.  He carries that thing everywhere with him, even to the store.  He tries to brush our hair and his with it, but for some reason he does it backwards every time.  It is fun seeing him start to imitate us in different ways.

Jessa's Amazing Birthmom

Little Helpers

The girls did ALL of the dishes the other night.  They did such a good job.  I'm hoping that when they get older that they will still want to be my little helpers.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

That Time of Year

Jayla started soccer again.  I was surprised with how much all the girls still remembered from last season.  This first game was the first one that they had ever lost, so I thinking that they were all a little rusty.  But the important thing is that they all had a lot of fun.

Kellan: 11 Months Old

Kellan weights 18 lbs 3.5 oz.  He hasn't gained much weight this last month.  He is getting better at walking.  He can now take 6 or 7 steps before he falls.  He can crawl up and down stairs.  He loves pushing his cars around while on his hands and knees.  He is getting better at eating table food and is always begging us whenever we have food.  He is still picky with his food so we are working on that.  For the past 3 days he has started throwing fits.  He will throw himself backwards and then look around to see if mom saw the whole thing.  If I act like I didn't see him, then he will do it again, sometimes crawling closer to me to make sure I get a front row seat.  He can sign sleep, eat, milk, and cracker.  Sometimes he will sign sleep when he is tired, but not all the time yet.  He can say dad, mama, and hi.  He can clap his hands to Patti-cake and he likes to dance to music.  He is growing out of his 9 month clothes and he fits better in his 12 month clothes.  He still takes 2-3 naps a day.  When he doesn't get his third nap in he usually goes to bed early around 6:30.  He still wakes up around 5 a.m. just to jabber for 5 minutes and then he goes back to sleep til about 6:00. He loves to destroy things and rip things a part.   He also loves to play ball and he loves banging on anything that will make a loud noise.

Friday, February 28, 2014


We go to the zoo a lot with the kids, but this time we got to see them feed the hippos for the first time!  It was so cool.  They came up really close and we got to see how big they could open their HUGE mouths.  It was pretty fun.  They kids were a little nervous at first, but then they realized that the hippos couldn't reach them.