Sunday, July 27, 2014

Texas Trip

 We went to Texas with Michael on one of his business trips not too long ago.  It was mostly just the kids and me, so we tried to make it fun so we didn't miss daddy too much.  We went swimming twice a day and visited some of the local attractions.

Children's Museum

The girls liked the stage.  They would perform their dance moves on least when nobody was looking.


This was Kellan's favorite.  He pushed that wheel barrow around for a good half hour and he looked pretty cute in his vest.

Learning how to be a handy man.  All 3 of them loved this exhibit as well.

I was proud that the girls were brave enough to pet the snake.

We ate lunch at the nearby park and the girls kept trying to chase the squirrels.  They had never seen any up close.  Then we fed the ducks for awhile.

Cadillac Ranch

We visited Cadillac Ranch with our spray paint in hand.  The girls thought that it was a little weird that we were painting cars that were in the middle of nowhere, but they were happy to make their mark on them.

Mr. Gatti's Pizza

The girls told us that this was one of their favorite places.  The carousel was one of their favorite rides for some reason.  They had to ride it several time.

Kellan loved the train!  He loved using the steering wheel and he thought he was such a big boy.

This one was also a favorite of the girls.  It was a simulation of a roller coaster.  They screamed the whole time.  It was so funny.  We kinda think they had a good time.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tent Rocks

When my parents were here we decided to go hike Tent Rocks.  It ended up being a really fun hike and the kids did really well.

We found a fuzzy caterpillar and Jessa was brave enough for pet it.  

Michael acting like the rocks were about to fall on him....Kellan and Jessa got into it

The view was amazing at the top.  It was so pretty.

Love these cute little kids.

Kellan was pretty funny.  He would walk off a little ways, turn around and wave bye to us, then keep on walking down the trail.  Pretty much everyone on the trail was enamored by him.  A whole group of tourists from China came by and everyone wanted to take a picture of the blue eyed, blonde little baby boy.  Probably because that is something you don't usually see in China. It was a pretty fun trip.  One that we will have to make again.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Michael's Birthday

 The girls waking up daddy for his birthday surprises to start.  I think they were more excited than he was.

We then went to an Isotopes game with all the kids.  They didn't enjoy it as much as we thought they would have because it was so hot, but we still had fun.

Grandparents visits

We have been so lucky to have grandparents come and visit us this past month.  We have enjoyed having them com visit with us and our kids loved showing off for them.  We are so lucky to have so many people in our lives who love these sweet little kids just as much as we do.